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The Royals Shopping Centre
High Street

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Amazon Hub Locker – Carter

The Royal's Shopping Centre is home to an Amazon Locker - called 'Carter'
The Royal’s Shopping Centre is home to an Amazon Locker – called ‘Carter’
Are you tired of being out of the house when your Amazon order is scheduled for delivery? With Amazon Locker you can have your item delivered to our secure locker for pickup at your convenience.
Our locker, named ‘Carter’, is ideal for local Southend residents who are looking for a safe and convenient point of delivery.
Carter is located on the ground floor of Kings Walk, adjacent to the car park payment machines. It’s big and yellow – you can’t miss it!
Having your order delivered to Carter is simple.
When you get to the ‘Select a delivery address’ stage of your Amazon order, use the ‘Search for an Amazon Pickup Location near you’ function to find our locker in The Royals.
You can do this either by searching for our postcode, SS1 1DG, or using our unique locker name ‘Carter’.
Once you’ve made your order, Amazon will email you a pickup code, which you can either scan or input manually into Carter to collect your item.
Go to ‘About Amazon Locker’ to read more details on delivery prices, parcel sizes and other questions you may have.