Little Royalty: Go Through the Ages with The Royals This Summer 2019

The Royals’ Little Royalty Summer Days are back and with an extra ZAP this year! Every Wednesday, between 24th July and 28th August, The Royals Shopping Centre will be hosting a day of fun and games revolved around a different period in history! With the help of our events team, your little ones will be ‘transported’ into a new space and era chosen from Ryan the Lion’s mission list. What’s more? It’s all completely FREE to join this family-friendly event!

Dates: Every Wednesday between 24th July until 28th August 2019

Time: 11am – 3pm

Location: The Royals Shopping Centre

Ages: 3 – 9 years old

This Summer, Ryan the Lion has planned an unforgettable adventure like never before – and you can join him! From the very dawn of time to the cobbled streets of Old England, he will roam through all the ages to experience thrills and squeals that each era brings! Over six weeks he will revisit some significant eras in history all from the power of his own time machine. Your kids will be taught about the mystery and wonders of time through fun and educational activities, including games, arts and crafts and food! The best part? Every single event is FREE! So, let’s get the stone ages rolling…

Jurassic adventure – 24th July

Extinct for ideas in the summer holidays? Get ready to ‘dino’-soar through time! We begin our Summer Fun Days in the greenery and plants of the Jurassic period, where Ryan the Lion’s claws and roars will surely meet their match! Your little hunters can investigate their surroundings with fossil finding, egg exploring and dino digging. There will even be a fierce dinosaur food feast. But beware the dinosaur SLIME! This could be a sticky trek… or should we say T-REX?

Ice age – 31st July

Time for a climate change! Next up on the mission list, Ryan the Lion takes us on an escape to a HUGE Ice Mountain! Expect a frozen frenzy of egg hatching, rock painting and ice-pop fun. There’ll be a feast that’s fit for caveboys and cavegirls, and lots of fun activities to help them ‘break the ice’! Brrrr…. this could be some frosty fun. But beware of a scientific surprise that may just ‘burst’ a few smiles…

Ancient Egypt – 7th August

Toot-and-come-in to our next time-travel adventure, where Ryan the Lion will be flowing through time down the River Nile to Ancient Egypt! Your little ones will discover the Pyramids with arts and crafts to treasure – including jewel design and even a terrific Technicolor Dreamcoat Workshop! Plus, it’s time for them to put down the digital tablet and create their own ancient tablet with our hieroglyphics and scroll drawing! All Mummies will love this one… and Pharaoh-papas too! We ‘sphinx’ this will be lots of fun. Pssst… Did you know that Egyptians invented the calendar?! Better not be late for this one!

Ancient Greece – 14th August

Ever wanted to travel through time at ‘Greece lightning’ speed? Welcome to Athens at The Royals, where your chariot awaits! Ryan the lion will be taking to the Gods with a day that is of colossal proportions. Your little heroes will be able to get active in Olympic games and Greek dancing. Plus, they can say ‘Olive you’ with our very grand Greek picnic! We think temples might be built in honour for this great Greek event.

Viking age – 21st August

Get ready to take your sails to a Great Viking ship adventure! For our next Summer Fun Day event, Ryan the Lion’s time machine saga takes us to the Middle Ages. With much Viking wisdom and training to be learned, your little warriors will have a splash of fun on deck! They’ll even have the opportunity to hatch their own dragons through crafts and learn how to tame them! So, grab your helmets and shields – they’ll be ROARING for these fun Viking and dragon crafts! Well, you know, whatever floats your boat…

Victorian era – 28th August

A spoonful of sugar makes Ryan the Lion go down to the Victorian era – and you can join too! Little chums will get down to some creative chores with pavement painting, Victorian-style school lessons and games. They’ll then experience a high tea very fitting for a Royal affair, including a couple of surprise friends ‘at hand’ to entertain! That’s right – we’ll ‘pull the strings’ while they enjoy the biscuits. But beware of the mad inventors of this period… there’s bound to be a few shockers that will make Ryan’s tail twirl. Chim-chim-chimney indeed!

Do the Time Warp with The Royals

Wow, talk about making the most of ‘time’ during the summer! So, if you’re looking to entertain your kids in the school holidays, it’s as easy as B-C to A-D with The Royals. We think your lucky little stars will love travelling through space and time with Ryan the Lion, every Wednesday for six weeks, between 11am – 3pm. But you can pop in at any event that works for you!

Don’t forget – it’s completely FREE to attend, open to children between 3 and 9 years old. We kindly ask for parents and guardians to stay during the event as children are not allowed to be unsupervised. Hours of safe fun!

For the latest updates in present time and for any future offers, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest news, events and special offers here at The Royals Shopping Centre.

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