Free Sci Fi & Father’s Day Events at The Royals

We’re ‘over the moon’ to announce our FREE Sci-Fi & fantasy event held this summer at The Royals! Joining forces with our annual Father’s Day celebrations on Saturday 15th June, we’ll be transforming our shopping centre with extraordinary events for all SUPERDADS and mini sidekicks!

When: Saturday 15th June, 9am – 6pm

Where: The Royals Shopping Centre


Get ready to be space-ported into a festival of all things weird and wonderful with our Sci-Fi & Fantasy theme, with a day full of movies and television, comic books, artists, and so much more! We’re even holding an out-of-this-world costume competition! So, get on your galactic getups and come down to take part. Read on for all the details below of what we’ve got in store…

Our cosplay competition

Are you a hero or a villain?! Step into character with our ‘cosplay’ competition! Otherwise known as ‘costume play’, we’re encouraging everyone to come along and dress up as their favourite characters from Sci-fi or fantasy movies or books. From intergalactic troopers to space aliens, from princesses to superheroes, all little stars are welcome! But of course, we want parents to get involved too. Come and be who you want to be, and you may just win a prize that’ll make you fly…

Commercial stands

With vendors and stalls of all kinds, take a look at the fantastic selection of Sci-Fi memorabilia and merch on offer. There’ll be t-shirts, posters, accessories and everything in between on sale – it’s your chance to spoil yourself or dad with an eye-popping gift!

Gaming – including FREE Sci Fi escape room

Are you an invader from outer space? Our gaming area will take you on a virtual journey that will bend your mind into an unforgettable experience. But hold on tight!

If you’re looking for a lightning speed challenge, we’re holding a FREE interactive and intuitive real-life escape game! You and your team are locked in a room(s), where you will have 20 minutes to solve challenging puzzles in order to escape. Can you get out in time?

To the stars and beyond all your little space troopers can also have a blast in our cosmic kid zone. Expect mini characters and a huge buzz of excitement!

Sci Fi fiction & comics

Are you a comic book buff? Make your ‘milky way’ to our comic village! With cult favourites and new volumes alike, you’ll find a sequence of jaw-dropping graphics of astronomic proportions!

We’re also giving your little ones the opportunity to swap their energy sabres for pencils! Our illustration zone will give them the chance to make their very own comic book creations.

Sci Fi entertainment

We also have some extra-terrestrial surprises arranged in centre. With a performance platform that’ll be off the planet, get ready to be tranced by some mystical music, dazzling dance and cosmic comedy!

What’s more, with a mixture of classic and current blockbusters on display, take your mind out of the real world into a dimension of cinematic wonder! All our Sci-Fi movie buffs will love our TV & Film area… just make sure you can tell the difference between the props and the real-life costumes!

Travel to the galaxy with our free sci-fi event

Wow, that’s a ZAP! We hope to see you all at our Sci-Fi fest at The Royals. With so much to do on the day, we hope to bring together like-minded people and we welcome everyone to take part. Just grab your costumes and get here at warp speed!

For more updates about the event, be sure to tune into The Royals satellite of announcements on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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