FREE Inspiring Coffee Mornings at The Royals

The Royals are delighted to announce we’ll be holding FREE coffee mornings in our centre, starting just after the Easter holidays on 23rd April. Every Tuesday between 10am and 11am, we’ll be inviting a new guest speaker to lead a workshop on a different theme of interest for a full 10 weeks! Book your session here.

We’re brewing up a whole roast of topics for you to get engaged with this year, all planned to open your mind to new ways of thinking and feel inspired. Pop along to make friends, learn something new, or simply just to have a good giggle!

What’s best of all – all events are FREE! You’re welcome to buy yourself a coffee or tea, but we provide the workshop and cake. Let us bake your day!

Starts: Tuesday, 23rd April

Finishes: Tuesday, 25th June

Where: The first 8 sessions will be held at Utopia Coffee Lounge and the last 2 sessions at Debenhams restaurant.

23rd April: Mental health & wellbeing workshop

We could all do with a positive boost from time to time. Connecting with others who share similar stories can make us happier and healthier too. Come along to our mental health workshop to get tried tips and guidance on how to frame a better mindset in day-to-day life. Creating a non-judgement and supportive zone, you can offer a listening ear and get some peer support.

30th April: Fitness workshop

Got a “latte” problems with keeping up fitness? You’re not alone! With the busy holidays over, it’s the perfect time to get back into the swing of a new routine and get in better shape. Our fitness professional Danielle from Reward Fitness will offer you top tips on how to put all those Easter treats behind you and get back to eating and living healthily.

7th May: Hobbies (crochet) workshop

Espresso yourself with crocheting! Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, turning the yarn can have many benefits. This artful activity can relieve stress and inspire creativity. You may even make yourself a cosy cardigan for summer. No further puns kneaded here!

14th May: Shape your aspirations workshop

Take a spoonful of ambition and give it a stir with this special event! Our motivational speaker Patricia aims to give you the get-up-and-go that’s even better than a caffeine kick. She talks about turning 60 and recently writing a book – proving no matter what age you are, you can achieve anything.

21st May: Wellbeing – yoga workshop

Balance out your coffee with a bit of yoga! Boasting ‘an oasis of calm by the sea’ from her studio Mayura Yoga, our instructor Paula will be bringing a piece of yoga paradise to you at The Royals. She will teach you about the benefits of yoga and how to flex these movements into your busy routines. For an extra sense of calm, you may even like to order a herbal refreshment to take the edge off any “anxie-tea”!

28th May: Public health workshop

There are many public health services in Southend helping people to stay well and protect them from threats to their health, with many having a real positive impact on our general population and families. So, come along to learn more about the public services available and how these may benefit you, as well as chat about any concerns you may have along with your peers. Talk about “pier” support!

4th June: Massage workshop

What better way to complement your retail therapy than with some real physical therapy? Our massage workshop by Hummingbird Therapies is just the ticket to a morning of relaxation. Learn about the amazing benefits of massages and treat your body to a little blitz. We’ll cold press the coffees, while you press the muscles! Au lait-lait.

11th June: Sweet Charity Choir workshop

Start your day on a high note with our free workshop from Sweet Charity Choir! You can sit back, sip and sing along as you rejoice in the beautiful harmonies of our vocalists. Bring your friends along and make a proper morning of it, or simply pop along to make new friends. You surely won’t be needing that extra sugar to make your day all that sweeter!

18th June: Personal shopper and stylists from Phase Eight

Ever wanted to try that personal shopper experience but never found the time? Come and join us for this hour special at Phase Eight in the Debenhams restaurant! We know every one of you is unique and deserves to flaunt it, so why not see how custom styling can really benefit you? No filter needed… unless it’s the coffee filter of course!

25th June: Beauty workshop from Debenhams restaurant

Looking to enhance your skincare regime or get some new makeup tricks? Come ‘mocha’ in our beauty workshop, run by the fabulous make-up artists at Urban Decay! No matter your age or skin type, our beauty experts at Debenhams are going to serve up some very ‘brewtiful’ tips just for you at the restaurant!

Are you ready to be inspired?

We hope you will come along and join us for all of our unique sessions in the centre throughout the 10 weeks What could be better on a Tuesday morning than a cuppa, a chat, and a bit of amusement?

But don’t worry, there’s no pressure on you to get involved at every event – how much you participate is entirely up to you. Simply feel free to come along and be inspired by those around you.

To book your space, please click here and fill out your details, letting us know which session(s) you want to attend. Keep an eye on your inbox as The Royals events team will be in touch to confirm your booking!

Please also note that all themes could be subject to change on the day so it’s always worth checking in advance if your event is on. Check out our social channels for the latest information from us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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