Leasing Opportunities at The Royals

Why The Royals?

As the premier shopping centre in Southend, The Royals offers businesses the ideal solution for success.

Located on both the city’s bustling High Street and world famous seafront, The Royals provides the definitive all-weather shopping experience in the area. More than 120,000 customers visit each week, providing an excellent opportunity for stores and brands to reach huge numbers of people on a regular basis. With a unique mix of high street names and popular, independent boutiques, The Royals has something for every customer demographic.

And, with our expertise, we can help you to maximise your customers’ satisfaction and your profile. Our team are continually improving upon our own record of excellence and, together, we can help your business to make its mark.

We’re committed to delivering a top quality support service to you and your customers, all year round.


Are you looking for the ideal location to promote and sell your products and services?

The Royals Shopping Centre is the premier shopping experience in Southend and offers businesses a unique opportunity to access over 120,000 customers per week. We have various sites that your staff can use to interact with our visitors, with space for you to provide your own displays, or alternatively you can hire one of our Retail Merchandise Units (RMUs).

Leasing Enquiries

Shop Units – Letting Agents:

Douglas Stevens
0207 491 0999


Retail Merchandising Units (RMUs)

If you would like to enquire about renting an RMU or Promotional Space
please call 0161 817 5221 or email:


A1 Poster Site Advertising

In partnership with Positive Media Marketing, we have A1 poster sites located in key spots around the centre where thousands will view your message every day.

Our poster sites are both effective and affordable, because they are positioned in captive areas where people stand, wait and want something to read or look at.

Corporate Contacts

To find out more about The Royals Shopping Centre, or to find out how your business could thrive and flourish in the unique and breath-taking environment of the premier covered shopping centre in Southend, please contact..